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Redefining Logistics
Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment of your logistics staff is about to shift into very productive territory. Powered by MBA’s industry leading talent solutions protocols, finding and securing the right talent and skills to fit your logistics positions is about to be redefined with rapid and outstanding performance.

Logistics Recruitment
By People In Logistics

When it comes to how we support your greatest asset, your people agenda, this represents a paradigm for our industry. Who better to provide recruitment solutions to the logistics industry than people who know the logistics industry inside out. It intuitively makes sense because it's common sense.

Coupled with our detailed understanding of how best to seamlessly integrate and maximise human resources for optimum performance in your logistics, our symbiotic partnership equips you with the most effective recruitment partners you’re ever likely to need for attracting high quality individuals and teams, including:

  • Full time HGV drivers

  • Fork lift truck operatives

  • Logistics coordinators

  • Logistics managers

  • Supply chain coordinators

  • Transport planners

  • Warehouse operatives

  • Warehouse managers

First Rule Of Business
Protect Your Investment

On the surface, it may seem counter intuitive that a logistics company should also offer to assist their clients with sourcing their own logistics staff and management. Almost like nourishing the competition by assisting our clients to require less of our services, right?

Well, not quite, although you’d be forgiven for thinking so. But look a little deeper and you’ll witness the emergence of a reality that reveals a very different story. Because for one, although we provide the full range of logistics solutions, you may not need our entire suite of services. You may only require, say, transportation.

So, you’re using our transport services but you don’t require our warehousing facilities because you already have your own, in which instance, why wouldn’t we want to assist you in strengthening your existing warehouse operatives and management team? It’s good business.

This process has a name. It’s called reciprocal maintenance - and it works. Why? Because by protecting and nurturing your investment, we’re also protecting our investment - first rule of business.

Another Example Of Why
This Approach Works

Let’s say you’re considering you own, complete in-house logistics operation. The probability is that you’ve pretty much already made the decision to do so, with one caveat - that the maths validate the cost efficiency. Here at E-go, thoroughly decent and realistic folk that we are, we know and understand why this can and does sometimes happen.

And if it’s going to happen anyway, again, why wouldn’t we want to assist you. Makes sense doesn’t it? Because again, it’s good business. We may forfeit the logistics part of your business but we gain by becoming your trusted recruitment partner because you already know that when it comes to logistics we thoroughly know our stuff.

That's why...

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This Approach Doesn't Just Work, It Really Works!

Just as we over deliver on our logistics services, we go above and beyond the call of duty in helping you onboard talented individuals and teams that are also selected to over deliver on your expectations. Now there’s a refreshing thought.

So, if you're looking to recruit new talent, contact us now on 01625 907 917